Monday, January 2, 2017

Healthy Holidays: A New Year, New Healthy Home

Here are ten simple ways to make your home a healthier and happier place to live in 2017, and beyond!
1.      It is never too early to do some spring cleaning. Make three piles: Keep, donate, and recycle/toss. Set aside a weekend to get rid of items you and your family no longer use. Reducing clutter can reduce stress and create a safer home. Clutter can be a tripping hazard.  
2.      Did you discover some household hazardous waste while doing your spring cleaning? Take your unwanted cleaning supplies, motor oil, light bulbs and more to HazoHouse! Replace these items with green cleaners.
3.      Reduce the risk of mold and moisture damage by running your bathroom fan when you take a shower. Leave the fan on for at least thirty to forty-five minutes after you shower. If your fan is broken, have it fixed or replaced.
4.      Open windows daily to let fresh air in and improve ventilation. Try a “fresh air blast” by going through your home opening each window and then going right back through closing each one. This quick exchange of air can make a big difference in your indoor air quality!
5.      You never know when a fire, stormy weather, or earthquake could impact you and your family. Create a disaster supplies kit for you, your family, and your pets. Keep the kit in an accessible location that everyone living at your home could find during an emergency.
6.      Take your shoes off at the door. Shoes can bring in dirt, dust and other allergens. Don’t want cold feet? Have a designated pair of house slippers or shoes you can wear around the house.
7.      Vacuum at least once a week and damp dust hard surfaces regularly. This can reduce allergy triggers in the home.
8.      Get your septic tank inspected. Get your septic system inspected. You can hire someone or learn how to do it yourself. Inspecting your system every year can help identify issues before they turn into large, costly problems.
9.      Read our Common Sense Gardening guides so you can begin to plan your garden.  Our free gardening guides can help you create a beautiful landscape without the
use of toxic bug and weed killers.

10.  Want to learn more about ways you can keep your home healthy? Schedule a free, confidential Healthy Homes visit. Call the Healthy Homes Program to learn more or schedule a visit (360) 867-2674.