Monday, May 12, 2014

Financial Assistance for Repair & Replacement of Failing Septic Systems

Did you know Thurston County Environmental Health offers financial assistance to homeowners for the repair or replacement of their failing septic systems?

The Septic System Financial Assistance Program offers loans and grants to qualified applicants. 

Why are failing septic systems a health concern?

When septic systems fail, raw sewage from the systems can contaminate the surface and groundwater. Groundwater is our main source of drinking water, so we want to keep it safe for us all to drink and use for cooking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes and so much more. We depend on groundwater. When surface water is contaminated it can harm wildlife and close local beaches and shellfish beds due to unsafe bacteria levels in the water.

How can I keep my system from failing?

Repairing and replacing septic systems is costly.  Proper maintenance of septic systems greatly lowers the risk of failure and it prolongs the life of the system. To learn how to protect your investment, attend one of the Free Septic Sense Workshops this month.

Some simple “Dos” and “Don’ts” will help extend the life of your septic system, save on maintenance costs, and protect water quality. Read them on this past blog post, “Septic System Care Begins with You.”

Septic System Financial Assistance Program

The health concerns related to failing septic systems are why Thurston County Environmental Health receives funding from Washington State Department of Ecology and a federal clean water grant to implement a financial assistance program. So far, the program has helped 124 homeowners fix or replace their failing septic systems.

The program provides loans and grants depending on the situation. Homeowners in Thurston County with any income level can apply for low interest loans to replace their system or to connect to sewer. There are small grants available for eligible repairs (does not include regular maintenance) and larger grants available for the replacement of a septic tank, a pumping chamber, or an entire on-site septic system. There are income requirements for the grants.  There are also grants available specifically for homeowners in the Henderson Inlet or Nisqually Reach Shellfish Protection Districts.

To find out if you qualify for the Septic System Financial Assistance Program, contact Debra Baker at (360) 867-2628 (TDD 360-867-2603). 

For more information, visit:  

Got a specific septic system question you need answered?

Call the Septic Help Line (360) 867-2669

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