Friday, February 28, 2014

Why choose native plants?

Flowering Red Currant

Spring is approaching (yay!) and it is time to start planning garden and landscape projects. 

Native plants are a great choice for a healthy landscape because they are part of our region’s natural ecosystem. They require less maintenance and they grow well in our climate. Look for natives when you are selecting plants. Often there is a native plant that matches or is comparable to the look or effect you are planning for your landscape.   

 There are many reasons to choose native plants.

Mock Orange
  • Native plants are adapted to our climate of wet winters and dry summers.
  • Once native plants are established, they require less water than non-native plants.
  • Native plants are naturally more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Native plants require less fertilizer and do not need pesticides. This helps improve local water quality and lower chemical exposure for your household, pets, and wildlife.
  • Native plants support natural habitat for wildlife.
  • Native plants intercept stormwater, which is often contaminated with pollutants, so that it filters into the ground, instead of into our streams, rivers, and Puget Sound. This is why native plants are a key aspect of rain gardens.

Discover more about landscaping with native plants from the Washington Native Plant Society.

Native plants make garden and yard care easier for you and they encourage a healthy environment.  Why choose native plants? There are so many reasons!

Pacific Ninebark

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