Friday, October 25, 2013

Health Advisories at Lawrence Lake & Lake St. Clair

Update: These health advisories have been lifted.

There are currently health advisories for blue-green algae toxin on Lawrence Lake and Lake St. Clair. 

When there is a toxic algae bloom, people are advised to:

  • Avoid recreational contact with the lake.
  •   Keep pets out of the water.  
  •   If fishing, catch and release is the safest practice.

Warning signs are posted at access points around the lakes and area home owners will be contacted. The Thurston County Health Department will monitor the lakes weekly until the advisory can be lifted. 

There is still a health advisory at Pattison Lake.
Health advisory at Long Lake has been lifted.

If you have questions, contact Cathy Hansen at (360) 867-2645 or Art Starry at (360) 867-2587.

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