Thursday, September 19, 2013

Organic Land Care Training for Professionals

Thurston County is teaming up with Oregon Tilth to bring the Organic Land Care Accreditation Training to Olympia.  This five day training will provide professionals with everything they need to know to care for yards, lawns, parks, and other public and private grounds without the use of toxic weed and bug killers.

What: Organic Land Care Accreditation Training

When: November 4-8, 2013

Where: LOTT Clean Water Alliance, 500 Adams St. NE Olympia

Cost: $550 includes locally catered, organic lunches, additional $100 for the accreditation test

Registration: or contact Jennifer Johnson at (360) 867-2577,

Landscapers who complete the training and pass the exam will be eligible for Organic Land Care accreditation through Oregon Tilth.  Thurston County will include accredited professionals on their website and provide ongoing networking opportunities for local practitioners.  

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