Thursday, June 13, 2013

Recycling used motor oil is easy!

If you change your own oil, remember that recycling your used motor oil not only saves limited natural resources, but also protects the environment from oil spills. With over 30 used oil collection sites throughout the county, recycling your used oil is the easiest step in the process.
Follow these simple steps:
1.       Drain the used oil into a sealable, reusable container. A clean milk or laundry detergent jug will work. You can also find inexpensive, reusable drain pans at auto supply stores.
2.       Keep the oil clean. Tightly seal the container from rain water and debris. Don’t mix used oil with solvents, gasoline, thinners, or antifreeze, which make the combined liquid a hazardous waste that can’t be recycled.
3.       Take the used oil to a collection site. Find locations with Thurston County’s interactive map!

What happens to recycled motor oil?
Recycled motor oil undergoes an extensive process that removes contaminants and produces a base oil that is then blended with additives to make motor oil, transmission fluid, and grease. Close the recycling loop by purchasing recycled motor oil, also called re-refined motor oil, which is available at most auto supply stores. For more information about used motor oil and re-refined motor oil, visit Thurston County Environmental Health’s website.

Check your car for oil leaks
Keep your car well maintained to stop oil from leaking into our environment. Check for leaks by placing a large piece of cardboard or paper under your car overnight. If you see drips of oil, take your car to a mechanic to have the leak fixed.
Take other unwanted household hazardous wastes or products to HazoHouse. You can drive through and drop off household hazardous products for free!

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