Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is Groundwater?

When the rain falls, where does it go?
Some of it runs along driveways, sidewalks, lawns and parking lots into streams, rivers, lakes, and in many parts of Thurston County, into Puget Sound. Some of the rain that falls gets used by plants and some of it is evaporated into the air.

About half of the rain that falls in Thurston County soaks into the ground and becomes groundwater.

In Thurston County, we drink groundwater. City and private wells pump water from the ground and into our water supply.

As the water soaks through the ground, the small particles of soil, dirt, and clay filter the water as it reaches an underground aquifer.
As water makes its way into the ground it can carry with it yard and household chemicals. All life depends on clean water!  To help keep our drinking water supply clean, choose household products without the words danger or poison on the label.  Care for yards without using hazardous bug and weed killers and make sure not to store hazardous materials in well houses or in unsecured containers.

Always take old or unwanted hazardous materials to HazoHouse for free, safe disposal and be sure to use products according to their labels.

We are literally walking all over our water supply. Let’s do our best to tread lightly!

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